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September 8, 2003

Leave LAX and arrive in Quito, Ecuador
Overland through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile
Contact us for route, will include galapagos Islands, Inca Trail, and Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon

October 31, 2003

Leave Santiago, Chile
Arrive Temuco, Chile
Down to Villarrica, Pucon, Valdivia

November 6, 2003

Arrive Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 10, 2003

Arrive Iguazo (Brazil and Argentina)

November 14, 2003

Arrive Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

November 26, 2003

Leave San Paulo, Brazil
Arrive San Jose, Costa Rica

December 2, 2003

24 hours in LAX
Depart for Nadi, Fiji

December 4, 2003

Arrive Nadi, Fiji

December 10, 2003

Arrive Auckland, New Zealand
Overland to Christchurch via bus Sheep Dog Pass at

January 5, 2004

Leave Christchurch, New Zealand
Arrive Adelaide, Australia
Overland to Cairns via bus Bruce Pass at

February 10, 2004

Leave Cairns, Australia
Arrive Darwin, Australia

February 13, 2004

Arrive Denpasar, Bali

February 21, 2004

Arrive Singapore, Singapore
Overland throughout Southeast Asia Route still in the making

April 22, 2004

Leave Bangkok, Thailand
Arrive Cairo, Egypt

April 25, 2004

Arrive Istanbul