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hope your folks are keeping a diary of your trip brandon. love hearing from you both. have fun in the amazons but be careful. call your folks. much love and kisses, gram
Posted by grams 10/5/2003 12:07PM
Hi all. Just an update. Alex and I are heading to the Amazon Basin to do a Jungle Tour. We are leaving in 2 hours via a military plane copnverted for civilian purposes. We will be out of touch for a week or more. Hope all is well. Brandon and Alex
Posted by Brandon and Alex 10/5/2003 6:27AM [webpage]
Opps, strike that last comment. That's what happens when I get to work at 6am. Hey, it snowed here on Wednesday!
Posted by Aaron G 10/3/2003 4:46AM
B- I'm quitting my job and flying out in two weeks. I'll meet you guys somewhere in South America.
Posted by Aaron G 10/3/2003 4:45AM
hi...i'm at Barb Stuart's house and thinking of you guys. love, gram
Posted by dori & barb (friend) 10/2/2003 3:19PM
Once again, loved coming home from work and getting an update with pictures of your continuing adventure. Thanks!
Posted by mom heth 10/2/2003 7:46AM
Brandon, loved the new pictures. Only one thing missing that I didn't see in the Starbucks? Have a great time! Nancy Blau
Posted by nancy blau 10/1/2003 4:32PM
working on the resolution, quality of the cusco, machu picchu pictures (sorry)
Posted by amh 10/1/2003 2:28PM
Posted by Brandon and Alex 10/1/2003 1:48PM [webpage]
Fantastic! Brandon, your travel narratives spin wonderfully rich and detailed, making us all jealous to be young and open and moving again. Rave on mountain climbers! Rave on brick avoiders! Be sure to check in with me as you head into Brazil next month so that I can hook you up with my dear friend Ze' who teaches at the university in Sao Paulo.
Posted by Lowell 10/1/2003 12:56PM
Dena told me about this little endeavor of yours. Website is such a fantastic idea! I just read about a website called (or .net). Somethin' like that. Sweet airport might be a nice alternative to a shady hostel at some point? Hope all is well. All the best for the incredible journey ahead. Also, I have fam and a great friend in different parts of Australia, so feel free to email me if you're interested in comfy lodging. Luv, Andrea
Posted by Andrea 10/1/2003 12:21PM
hi again...forgot to say i called danielle - she loves to see your pics - and you, Alex. you look good growing a beard brandon - grow one too alex. much love, gram
Posted by gram 10/1/2003 8:49AM
hi guys....i love your trip - it's such an exciting adventure. i'm proud that you followed thru with your plans. much love and hugs. gram
Posted by grams 10/1/2003 8:37AM
I loved the royal sunsets!
Posted by Danielle 9/30/2003 11:14AM
Dear Travelers Brandon and Alex! This is way cool, I am very proud of you two. will spend some quality time in your website asap. Love Rich
Posted by Rich Reineman 9/30/2003 9:20AM

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