World Trip 2003-2004
Brandon Sedloff and Alex Hetherington
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Dear Friends, Family and Acquaintances,

To cut to the chase, the purpose of this email is to give you a rough estimate of where we will be and when we will be there. We would love to have any travel partners. We know that many of you are abroad or have recently been abroad (either for vacation, travel or study) and have many great experiences to share. In an attempt to make our trip the best ever we would like any suggestions that you feel would be beneficial to us based on our itinerary.

Furthermore, if you or anyone you know has any contacts in the countries listed we would love to obtain their contact information. The local perspective is always better than the tour books! As poor college grads we will also welcome any opportunity for lodging, a free meal, a beer or anything of the like. If you want more information as to our trip or have any advice/contact info (either e-mail, address, and/or phone numbers) for yourself or for people we could meet along the way please just respond to this email and one of us will be in touch shortly. Please feel free to give any of your friends, family or contacts abroad our information if they want to contact us directly. You can reach Brandon at [email protected] or Alex at [email protected] Our parents can be reached while we are traveling at 858.483.9417 (Janice and Mike Sedloff) and 858.566.7267 (Peggy and Gary Hetherington).

I hope that you are all doing well and thanks for taking the time to read through this email and provide us with any information or helpful tips. Please forward this onto anyone.

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